Sample Ranger Leveling Build

Long Bow / Short Bow Ranger Leveling Build

Here is a Guild Wars 2 Build for Rangers.

Rangers were meant to be long distance fighters and this build focuses on keeping you far away from your enemies so that you can dish out the damage without having to worry about your defenses.  Leveling is all about speed and staying alive, so this build focuses on dishing out a ton of single target damage quickly so you can dispatch a mob and move on to the next.  Once you hit level 80, you’re going to want to re-spec to a ranger build better suited for Dungeons / WvW … but until then, this build will have the levels flying by.


You should have both the Long Bow and the Short Bow to give you a wide range of distance attacks to choose from. You should never be in range of your enemies so you wouldn’t be able to benefit from the melee weapons that the ranger has available to him.  Some people do like to have a great sword or sword/torch/horn combo as their secondary.  However, I’ve found that leveling is much quicker with a longbow as your main and a short bow as your secondary.  With the evasion abilities of the short bow combined with lightning reflexes, you won’t have an issue staying at range where your longbow is most effective.  If they enemy gets to close … switch to your short bow to widen the gap, and then make a pin-cushion out of them with your long bow!

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ranger traits


Trait Progression Order

  • 10 Marksmanship
  • 10 Skirmishing
  • 10 Marksmanship
  • 10 Skirmishing
  • 5 Marksmanship
  • 5 Skirmishing
  • 10 Nature Magic
  • 10 Wilderness Survival

First thing you’ll notice is that we don’t go to 30 in any of the traits in this leveling build.  Once you hit 80 and decide if you want to focus on WvW or PvE Dungeons, then you’ll want to grab some of those tier 3 traits.  However, until then you’ll benefit the most from the build outlined above.


This build focuses on consistent damage from your longbow and short bow.  So power is a must.  You should be stacking power/precision on all of your gear.  You shouldn’t need to dodge that often (since we’ll be staying at range) so you can get a nice damage boost by throwing Steady Focus in the adept slot. Grab Eagle Eye for the Master spot to boost your Longbow range because that is going to be your primary damage dealing weapon most of the time.


Critical damage and hard hitting shots are how you bring your foes down.  But that’s not the main reason why we’re going into this line. Quick Draw in the Master section is the reason you are going into this tree and the skill refresh boost is going to seriously increase overall damage. It’ll make your utility skill “Quickening Zephyr” recharge 20% faster – which boosts your damage tremendously so you want to have that skill ready as often as possible.

Wilderness Survival

Since you aren’t going to be getting hit much focusing on this section for survival is not important. You are basically throwing 10 points into the tree to boost your pet’s damage so he will bring down foes faster.

Nature Magic

Nature magic is good for two different reasons, the regeneration you get when your health drops down to 75 percent will help keep you topped off when you take minor damage. Get Strength of Spirit as your trait to boost your damage a little further.

ranger extra.jpg

Healing – Heal as One

This is useful as a pet heal because he will be taking heavy damage most of the time.

Utility 1 – Quickening Zephyr

Use this ability if you have enemies getting too close to you. It will give you the speed to make a gap.

Utility 2 – Lightning Reflexes

Use this to build a gap as well when enemies start getting too close to you.

Utility 3 – Signet of Renewal

Mostly useful for getting conditions off you, you can throw them on your pet if they build up too quickly.

Elite – Rampage as One

Throw on Rampage as One to get a nice damage boost or to build up space between you and the enemy, but only use it as a spacer as a last resort.

*Note on Pets

Choosing your pet really depends on your style of game play.  Personally, I love the feline pets (snow leopard, lynx) mainly because these pets each have 3 damaging skills and really high precision, which means they hit for a ton!  Many times my pets will crit for much more than I do with my bow.  However, it’s not a bad idea to get a few pets with a decent amount of toughness – since while leveling your pet will be acting as a tank a lot of the time.  However, I’ve found that mobs generally go down pretty quick and pet tanking isn’t really an issue.

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